Choosing the Book

"Choosing the book was the hardest part of being in a book club for me. I don't know what I would have done without these guidelines!"

If you know your members really well it's tough because you want your book choice to please everyone. 

If your group is still new and you haven’'t gotten to know each personality yet, it's still tough because you don’'t know what type of book will please everyone. 

The bottom line is this - you CAN'T please everyone! 

So what can you do? Take into consideration the interests of your group. Do this by: 

Looking at a bestseller list. 

Asking for a recommendation.

Reading our monthly newsletter, Book Clubbers, to see what's hot!

Whatever way you go about finding a book you should keep in mind that you want to choose not only a book that you want to read, but a book that you want to talk to other people about. 

You can be original in your selection. Just be sure not to go so far in your own direction that nobody follows you! For example, unless your group is really ambitious, War and Peace probably isn't the best choice! 

The most important thing about choosing the book - DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR BOOK CHOICE UNTIL YOU UNVEIL IT AT THE MEETING! This will spoil the fun, and if someone finds out too early they may read the book before it's time.

Two great ways to make the "unveiling" of your book choice fun:

  1. Create a bookmark that shows the title and author of the book you've chosen. Make one for each member. You can make them on the computer or by hand. The 'by-hand' bookmarks definitely take longer, but they are so much fun to give out! Hand them out at the end of the meeting in the month prior to your turn. 

  2. Find your book selection at a used bookstore and buy each member a copy. This is an especially great idea if you are presenting your book choice in the month of December. You can go to the dollar store and buy festive bags to package the books. Hand the bags out at the end of the meeting in the month priori to your turn.

Two really great resources for choosing the book are Amazon and Goodreads.  The sheer number of books available for you to peruse is basically limitless.  My only caution here is that you can EASILY become overwhelmed and end up feeling frustrated because you have TOO MANY to choose from!  To make it simple, create a bookshelf in each site that's strictly for "Book Club Picks."  Add to it as you hear people talking, or a recommendation pops up, or you have a few hours to browse and find a bunch you like.  Refer to these when it's your turn to choose the book!

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