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We read. We read. We READ READ READ!  Before we go any further on this page, a really important thing to note is that if you don't see a title here that you want information on (review, rating, etc), PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us to ask for help!  Just because a book isn't listed in our library doesn't mean we haven't read it.

Our Library...

To keep it simple, we use an old fashioned blogger page to post reviews and discussion questions.  It's pulled here for you below.  Click on any title you'd like, and when the review pops up, just use your scroll function and move right to read the whole page.

New reviews added WEEKLY!

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Our book list and book discussion questions will generally focus on books published in the last THREE YEARS that are ideal for book clubs.  We will rate the book, and provide 2-5 book discussion questions specific to the book.  We won't only be sharing 5 star books here.  Why? You may ask.  Well, because sometimes a book that earns a 3 or 3.5 CROWNSTAR spurs the BEST book club discussion!  Sometimes, books that people really, truly hate create the most passionate book club discussions!

So, look at our rating scale.  HOW we rate each book will always follow this formula.  Just remember, less than a 4 or 5 doesn't mean it's not worth reading!

The books in our library are in no specific order.  Scroll through all that we have to offer and you will definitely come away with multiple book club choices!

CROWNSTAR Rating System

1 star is a book you may have not even finished and would NEVER recommend to anyone.

2 star is a book you finished, but it felt like a waste of your time.

3 star is a book you finished and liked, would recommend to the right reader, and feel satisfied for having read it.

4 star is a book you loved, you would recommend it to almost any type of reader, and you feel better for having read it.

5 star is in the category of "best books I've ever read" and this is because you want to share and talk about it with other readers; it has taught you something as it pertains to your own life whether that be new information you didn’t know before, a new way of thinking, or a change in your opinion; and the biggest telling factor -- you would likely read it again!