Communication is Key

What does communication have to do with book clubs?

As the month moves on people get busy, things come up - life happens. This can seriously dampen the momentum that was built at the last meeting. If it's your turn to host, a few pieces of communication are necessary to keep everyone on track and looking forward to the next get together.

First - Follow up letter the day after the meeting reminding everyone of the book you've chosen.

This is best sent via text, but if not text than email.  You want it to get to your members quickly so they can get the book and start reading.


Hi Book Clubbers!

Our meeting last night was fantastic! I'm really looking forward to another stimulating discussion next month. The next book revealed at last night’s meeting is The House Girl by Tara Conklin.

I found this book at Barnes & Noble on the paperback table for $14. E-readers can get it for $6.99 on kindle and iBooks.  You can also check it out at your local library.

Happy Reading!

Second - Invitation about 3-5 days BEFORE your next meeting reminding members of all relevant information (where you live, what time, what to bring) and any special instructions you might have for them.

You can choose to send this via email or regular mail. If you have the time during the month to hand make invitations and send them out it's always a fun surprise for the other members.

If you choose to email this invite consider sending out an official evite from one of the many sites on the web. It's a nicer way to send out the information than just a regular email. It makes the upcoming meeting seem more like a festive event!


It's book club time again Lovely Ladies!

DATE: November 7, 2020
TIME: 6pm
PLACE: Queenie D's House (include address)
MENU: Southern Style to keep theme with the book!
PLEASE BRING: Your copy of The House Girl by Tara Conklin.
PREPARE: Your favorite quote from your favorite character to share!

Contact me at: if you have any questions!

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A good book club meeting gets everyone excited for the next book and discussion. Everyone leaves anxious to get to the library or bookstore to get their hands on that new book!

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