Destination: Book Club

You're an avid readera true book lover, and you've been fortunate enough to find a few others just like you. Perhaps you're an avid reader, no book off limits in your library, and you want to find like-minded people who also share your passion. The question is - how do you take your love for reading to the next level? We can help!

What you can expect to find here:

  • Info on how to start your book club such as adding members, choosing the book, hosting, etc;

  • Book club discussion questions to encourage a lively discussion;

  • A list of the best book club books for your group to tackle.

You want the best book club ideas you can find. You're basically looking for an amazing book club guide...

Well, you've come to the right place!

Follow these simple steps to get your book club up-and-running...

  1. Read our book club guide.  The "how to" list will walk you through the first steps on creating and starting up your new book club.  Part of your initial decision should be whether or not you will be a general book club or a themed book club.

  2. Once you've invited your first members to join, read choosing the book.  Don't be overwhelmed!  Nobody is EVER going to pick the perfect book, but you can have great discussions about mediocre books just as easily as you can have great discussions about great books!

  3. Also visit our book club recommendations.  We will generally focus on books published in the last THREE YEARS that are ideal for book clubs.

  4. After picking the book, read our book club entertainment section.  Be sure to click through all the important pieces such as hosting, communicationmenus, and discussion questions.  Spend some time here.  The meeting truly is the climax of all your work each month!

  5. Once you've hosted a few meetings and are getting used to functioning as a club, consider some extras such as adding new members, having a book & movie month, making book club favors for each other, and one of the most important things to a successful book group's identity -- name your book club!

  6. Bonus idea: become a book club queen in your own right, and start a book club for kids!

My Book Club Story

Are you tired of looking for book club ideas and coming up empty-handed?

I know I was when I made several attempts at starting book clubs that were unsuccessful. I had the reading part covered. I was reading more than I could keep up with, but at the same time feeling frustrated because my husband didn't find a glass of wine and lively conversation on The Lovely Bones his idea of a stimulating Tuesday evening!

My first attempt to join a book group miserably failed. What do you get when you take fifteen teachers and add end of work day frustration with a glass of wine? What you get is a whole lot of complaining and not a lot of book talk! After several meetings like this I called it quits and decided to go out on my own. 

So began my researching. I wanted ideas that would explain how to make starting book clubs easy, while also discovering great ways to make it fun.

More importantly, I wanted some strong book club reading lists to help me get my fledgling group off the ground.

After sifting through the muck and figuring out my angle, I invited three other girls from that first failed attempt that I knew would actually be interested in talking about what they read to join me in a new kind of reading group journey. 

One with rules.

That you have to follow.

And we found out it was fun!

Several clubs (and states) later I decided it was time to share my experience and knowledge with other strugglers out there. 

And that's how I became your
Real Book Club Queen!

So get your favorite coffee mug filled up, grab your reading glasses and a pen (because I promise you'll want to take notes) and accept my invitation...

For the LOVE of BOOKS!

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