Destination: Book Club

You're an avid reader, no book off limits in your library, and you want to find like-minded people who also share your passion. 

Perhaps you're an avid reader, a true book lover, and you've been fortunate enough to find a few others just like you. 

The question is - how do you take your love for reading to the next level?

We can help!

If you've landed here with us it's likely because you searched for some sort of book club information and we popped up!  Here are a few of the main questions that bring readers to our site:

Don't be overwhelmed!  You can click on those main links above if you know exactly what you need.  If you aren't sure, or you just want to surf around, here are some ways to use our site:

  1. Deciding between an in-person or online book club?  We have guides for each here: In-Person Book club or Virtual Book Club.

  2. Once you've formed the basics for your club, it's time to work on choosing a book.  Don't be nervous!  Nobody is EVER going to pick the perfect book, but you can have great discussions about mediocre books just as easily as you can have great discussions about great books!

  3. Book groups form an identity pretty quickly.  To enhance your connection to each other and the reading you do together, name your book club!

  4. Are you hosting an in-person meeting?  If so, you'll want to thoroughly read through our book club entertainment section.  Be sure to click through all the important pieces such as hosting, communicationmenus, and adding new members.  

  5. Once you've hosted a few meetings (either in-person or virtually) and are getting used to functioning as a club, consider some extras such as having a book & movie month, making book club favors for each other, or hosting your book club review night! These things lend themselves easily to an in-person meeting, but can be adapted to fit the virtual model.  Contact us if you need help doing so!

  6. Want to get interactive with us?  Share your own book club recommendations with other readers!

  7. Bonus idea for families -- start a book club for kids!

Whatever you take away from your visit with us, know that we all share the MOST IMPORTANT trait -- 


So get your favorite coffee mug filled up, grab your reading glasses and a pen (because I promise you'll want to take notes) and accept my invitation...

To Get Busy Reading!

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Start an Online Book Club

Start an In-Person Book Club

Plan your book discussion questions

There is SO much to see and do here, so don't feel overwhelmed.  At any time, you can contact us for help!

For Book Clubs

Some books are meant to be discussed in detail.  Here are some we recommend: 

the women
black candle women

Don't stop here!  

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