Book Club Review Night

A book club review happens when your club has been running successfully for a while.

This is generally done after one of two milestones: 

On the anniversary date for your club. If you began March 15, 2018 then your book club review date would be March 15, 2019.


At the end of one full calendar year of book club meetings starting January and ending December. 

It's really a personal choice which option you choose. You'll have fun reminiscing about the books and meetings you've had for a year either way you go. Of course, the anniversary date is always great because it holds a special meaning for your group. You just have to know how to plan a meeting with this purpose in mind. 

3 Main Things to Consider:

How to Plan a Meeting especially for the Book Club Review Night

Your job tonight as a group is NOT to talk about the reading - can you believe I'm saying that! - but instead to talk about all the talking about reading you've done. The point is to go over each book you've read, each meeting you've had, and any changes your book club has seen throughout the year. 

More in depth book club meeting ideas available. 

Book Club Activity Fun!

So what will you do if you don't have a book to talk about? Well, besides gossip all night long (and you should definitely set aside at least 3 hours for this meeting) you'll need to prepare a few activities that are the focus of the evening.  These activities should reflect on your personality as a group, as well as some of the moments you've experienced over your time together.  And, of course, have something to do with THE BOOKS!

We have a few book club activities that you will want to check out when planning! 

Book Lovers Gifts

To celebrate this momentous occasion for your book club, exchange gifts. If you've made book club favors then you already have some good ideas for book lovers gifts. If you want to make this meeting even more festive, have it in December at the holiday time of year!  Your group can choose to either: 

  • Have a Secret Santa for the exchange by picking one name from a hat. 

  • Have a White Elephant exchange at the meeting (everyone brings one generic gift to exchange). 

  • Bring a Stocking Stuffer for each member under a certain, agreed upon, dollar amount.

With Secret Santa you get to tailor the gift to the person whose name you've drawn. 

With White Elephant everyone brings a gift of some sort (centered around books or reading) and each person gets to choose one. 

With Stocking Stuffers you again get to tailor the gift to each person but you're more limited in what you can spend. 

Any of these options are lots of fun and a great way to show appreciation for the friendships you've made during your meetings. 

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