Book Club Entertainment

The book has been read, the group is ready to assemble and YIKES! You'’re in charge of the book club entertainment.

Relax! We gotcha covered!

Every member will have different book club meeting ideas for how to create their perfect atmosphere. 

Providing the entertainment that'’s right for you can be figured out by covering the following topics:

Meeting Structure
Do you know the basics of hosting the meeting? Following a basic format will help you run a smooth, and successful, meeting.

Book Club Menus
Will the menu you serve be a general menu? Or will it be a book theme menu? The range of book club menus you have to choose from is basically limitless! 

Book Club Discussion
Are you prepared for the most important part of the evening -- the discussion?!  This is truly the HEART of book club.  If the discussion falls flat, you are just having a get-together (which is wonderful, but that's not your purpose in coming together this time!)  Going through the book club questions we have provided will help you have the right conversation starter ready to go!

Reading Group Activities
Do you have a book and movie combination? Are you interested in making book favors for your guests?  Want to  plan a club review night?

All these topics are meant to help you shape the style and feel of your in-person meeting.  Only YOU know your specific book club members, so use these ideas as a jumping-off point for planning.  If you need further help, feel free to contact us anytime!

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