Reading Books to Children
~ IN a Kid Book Club

Everyone knows that reading books to children is extremely important. Hopefully, if you have a child under the age of ten, you are reading to them at least once a day.

Many people take for granted the importance of reading books to children. This will create apathetic readers as they move into their teenage years. 

Book. Child. Club. Month.

What do these 4 words have in common? Put them all together and you have a great way to inspire your children to read! 

Start your child's own kid book club! And if you'’re in a reading group as well, that's one step better. Children learn best by imitating their parent's actions. If you read and show that you enjoy it, so too will they. 

These kid book club ideas are applicable up through middle school-aged kids. Once they hit their pre-teen and teenage years, that's a whole different type of club - a book club for teens!

A Fun Activity for Kid Playtime

Your child, starting at a very early age, probably spends a great deal of time interacting with her peers. This is how she will learn the socialization skills necessary to survive in today's world. Why not take that kid play group and turn it into a children book club?

How to focus on reading books to children through a kid book club:

  • Get together a group of playmates, around 4-5, of children in the same age group as yours. I would say within 6 months. For example, our current kid book club has 5 little members. Sydney is a few days away from 1 year, Colin is 11 months, Luke is 9 months, Garrett is 8 months, and Max is 5 months. Plan your gathering at least once a month. 

  • Start playtime in a group with the mommies. Sit the kids up and show them some positive interaction through singing, name games, and sharing little toys. Especially if your child doesn'’t go to daycare, this part of the socialization and interaction process is a must. 

  • After a few minutes (because their attention spans are short) put a pile of books in the middle of the group and be sure one is in front of each child. For the younger age group (like we have) I recommend board books so they last longer! 

  • Each mommy-child pair takes a turn reading a short book. The readers show the pictures as they read, and do the voices. The listeners make happy, excited, sad, scared gestures and faces when appropriate. Of course the mommies are orchestrating this so the babies will follow their lead. 

  • Go around at least once. If they are really into it, keep going. The goal is to make reading a fun activity for kid playgroups. Very quickly you'’ll see that the babies will get excited when it'’s reading time, and gradually evolve to having favorite books!

So what do you do as your child gets older? 

First, you have to be in it for the long haul. This is a process that is developed over the course of years as your child grows and learns to read.

You continue this same form of interaction but increasing the child's involvement with age.

Once they are able:
Have them pick the book. 
Have them interject parts they know.
Have them read a page.

Eventually, instead of reading books to children, you'll want them reading books to each other while the mommies just look on.

Kid Group Games that Revolve Around Reading

As your little ones grow, you'’ll want to incorporate activities that are fun and "game-like" around the reading circle. Here are a few favorites from mom's we know: 

  • Write Children Books - Share and have an "author signing" in the group. 

  • Books on Tape for Children - They choose a book on tape and end each play date with a listen. 

  • Read Books by Children - this is most fun when the mommies first participate in making books with children! 

  • Help them create a Children Book List and then work your way through reading each as a group. 

  • Write Book Reviews for Children's Books - this taps into writing skills as well!

Remember, however you choose to create your kid book club, the most important thing is reading books to children! This alone will help them become better readers, and find their own love for it as adults.

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