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At The Real Book Club Queen our goal is to provide the best book club information possible for other book lovers and avid readers in the world that want to share their love for reading. 

Over the years and various book clubs we’ve joined, started, and left behind, we’'ve compiled a list of book club themes and ideas for how to add a twist to the standard book club meeting.

The links below will probably help you more if you want to become a specifically-themed book club; however, if you are a group that simply wants to do a round of a particular type, there are some good meeting ideas for you to consider in these links as well!

We will always try to include book recommendations for each type of club.  Some will be new titles, some will be what we consider to be classics in their theme.  If you see 90 Minutes in Heaven in the Christian Book Club link, don't be surprised.  It may be older now, but it's a timeless concept for reading and discussion!

If you don’t see your desired book theme on this list, we're still working on a few more so don't despair!

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How to Decide

Working with book themes is a way for an established reading group to try something new and different. Or, book club themes can be used by a new group that shares the same reading passions right from the start.

There are two main things to think about when deciding if you will be a themed club, or not.

1.  Do you ALWAYS want to follow a specific book theme?  For example, are you a book group that's just starting out, and have come together over a common interest in reading romance novels?  If so, then a romance book club might be the best bet for you.

2.  Are you a standard book club that needs some change or reinvigoration?  In this case, you may choose to do a genre round which simply means you start at a fresh set of book picks, and say that everyone has to choose from a particular genre, say nonfiction-memoir.  For the remainder of that round of books, every member would pick a title in that specific genre.