A Yoga Book Club

Why not start a yoga book club? You like to read. You want to focus your “'me time”' on productive exercise. Yoga brings inner peace in a world where stress and hurrying are prominent.

Look at your yoga book club as a women’s' health group. You can spend time creating a yoga book list to work your way through, and part of your meeting time can incorporate a yoga book review.

There are a few variations on how you can make the yoga group book club fun and healthy at the same time!

Group Yoga Training
This type of yoga book club requires the biggest commitment because for you to see the benefit, you have to meet at least once a week. 

Find three other interested people. Choose a yoga beginner book that you are willing to try. We recommend Yoga for Beginners by Mark Ansari and Liz Lark. 

Research your local yoga class offerings. Choose one that you can attend as a group. On the day of your scheduled class, get together a half hour before the class starts at a member's house. Learn one new basic yoga position and practice together. Then go to the class and show your stuff!

After the class a great way to cool down, and have a book club-esque discussion is to grab a coffee or tea at the local Starbucks. Change your chosen yoga book as you advance in level.

Our recommendations for your best yoga book pick

20-minute Yoga Workouts by American Yoga Association

The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown

Dr. Yoga: A Complete Guide to the Medical Benefits of Yoga by Nirmala Heriza

Yoga Book Review and Yoga Book List

This type of yoga book club will follow the more traditional book club setting, but will also be a good health group. 

Find three to four other interested people. Let them know up front that while this is a reading group, you will focus on yoga techniques as well as participate interactively in trying out the different styles. 

At your first meeting, each member brings their best yoga book pick. Do a yoga book review where everyone looks at each book and then, as a group, rates them. Create your group yoga book list that you will follow for the next few months. 

Each member then gets the first chosen book. Over the month before the next meeting, read the techniques and practice a few of your favorites. At the meeting the group will discuss the style of yoga, positions and techniques they liked best, and spend a half hour completing a yoga workout.

This is a great way to learn the basics of yoga, have a yoga book review discussion, and do something active! Eventually, if your group is really into it, you can move towards the group yoga training described above.

So either way you go your group is more than just a yoga book club. You are also a women'’s health group. 

Your goal? To read, enjoy each other's company, and find out a couple of great healthy relaxation techniques!

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For Book Clubs

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