A Baby Book Club
for New Mommies

For a new mom, support is key. A baby book club is a simple way to achieve the support you need whether you’'re a new mom for the first time, a new mom after a long time, or a new mom that has a couple of little ones right in a row.

A baby reading group serves several purposes. You get advice from other women who are experiencing this major life change right along with you AND a chance to get out of the house with the girls! It might be a book club for baby talk, but it’'s ulterior purpose is a new mom support group!

Decide on the New Mom Information You Want to Discuss First

The difference in a general reading group and a baby book club is that with the baby club, you choose the new mom information you wish to discuss BEFORE you choose the book. 

The Information Should be Aimed at New Mom Support

If you want to read the new Reese Witherspoon Book Pick or Bestselling Fiction, start a traditional book club. The baby reading club is for moms who are looking for new mom support.

Here are some of the hot topics new mom groups are discussing these days: 

  • How to Help Baby Sleep! (probably the MOST highly discussed subject for new parents), 
  • Toys that Help Baby Learn (at different stages of development), 
  • Baby Medical Advice (what does pulling on an ear really mean?), 
  • Baby Food Advice (bananas or sweet potatoes - which is the perfect “first” food?), 
  • Baby Teething Advice (does Tylenol work in the middle of the night?), 
  • Crying Baby Help (from colic to ear infections to frustrations), and 
  • How to Help Your Baby Grow into a Happy Child!

New Mom Groups Decide then Read!

Once you'’ve chosen your desired topic for discussion, next you choose a book for your baby book group to read. You can do this based on recommendations from other mothers, your own mothers, pediatricians, and maybe even BabyCenter.

For example, if my baby book club chose to start with how to help baby sleep as the topic, I would suggest we read The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp. I've heard many good things about it, "window shopped" it at the library a few times, and think it would provide a lively debate. 

Once your group agrees on the book, follow the normal book club guidelines for meeting frequency and structure. 

For another interesting twist on the traditional book club and still focusing on baby, try a baby scrap book club.

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