Baby Scrap Book Club

What is a baby scrap book club? 

You are interested in taking the idea of a baby book club even further. You want your little star to be the focus of every discussion. Combine a baby scrap book club with the baby book club and you're headed for great discussion and creative heaven! 

Follow the guidelines for starting a baby book club.

Once you have done so, add the following twist to make it a scrap book club. 

Plan your monthly meeting to incorporate a full day of scrap booking. If you are familiar with the "scrapping" process you know that one day is not nearly enough. But as long as your group is focused solely on baby book making, one full day once a month should be good.

Baby Book Pages are the Goal of the Day

The first part of your meeting will be a book discussion of your chosen book and topic per the baby book club guidelines. The rest of the meeting, and the majority of the day, will be devoted to making baby book pages for your baby brag book!

3 Most Popular Baby Brag Book Themes

  1. Baby First Year Book 

  2. Personalized Baby Book to a Specific Event or Theme (for example, the delivery story)

  3. Baby's 'Firsts' (for example, 1st smile, 1st bath, 1st vacay, etc)

All members should bring all their baby book scrapbooking supplies to the meeting. Decide as a group if you plan to share, or each person will use their own items. (Sounds unimportant but is absolutely crucial to a successful scrap) After your baby book club discussion, spread out, and get your baby scrap book club going! Your goal for the day should be to get as many baby book pages completed as you can. 

Baby book making is lots of fun and sharing the experience with some other mommies makes it 110% more exciting. You can share ideas and get inspiration for your baby book pages while continuing your earlier discussion, more as side chatter, of your topic and book. 

At the end of the day, share your finished pages with each other and set goals for your next group meeting. 

If you are new to the world of the baby scrapbook idea, we recommend Michaels or AC Moore as the places to get all the supplies you need!

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For Book Clubs

Some books are meant to be discussed in detail.  Here are some we recommend: 

the women
black candle women