Quality Paperback Book Club

Information on how to join a quality paperback book club, and some ideas for how to start paperback book clubs of your own.

Paperback book club [1]: noun; An online bookseller where you can purchase a cheap paperback book. Considered a paperback "book club."

Paperback book club [2]: verb; A twist on the traditional book club where the club still meets to discuss books, but also participates in a paperback book swap, goes on the cheap paperback book hunt, and shares many a used paperback book.

Easy Part First! If you are looking for information on joining a quality paperback club online, and buying a cheap paperback book or a used paperback book, we recommend two sites: 

(1) Literary Guild Book Club
(2) Alibris

Both companies are reputable and have decent deals on new and used paperback books (we aren't getting anything for saying this, we just like these sites!)

Now for the FUN stuff!

A quality paperback book club in action is a quite a bit different. Follow the traditional book club guidelines to start up, host, and keep up with your book club meetings. 

The twist on this type of book club is that paperback book clubs = free books! What do I mean by this? There is a whole process for using paperback book clubs to get free books.

The Paperback Book Clubs Free Books Process 

  1. As a group, go out on a little field trip to find any used paperback book stores or cheap paperback book stores. You can plan to incorporate this event into your meeting, or you can set it up as a separate date (this gives you double the get-togethers in a month!). If your group can'’t make the time, you could do this part on your own, but we don'’t recommend it as it'’s nowhere near as fun. 

  2. Each group member is responsible for bringing 5 quality paperback books to the meeting. We have plenty of ideas for obtaining great paperbacks so be sure to check them out. 

  3. End each meeting with a paperback book swap. There are a few ways to do this (such as throw them out on the table, blow a whistle, and start grabbing), but we suggest the standard way of trading a book for a book. See a book from one of your book club book lists (The Thirteenth Tale) that you’re dying for? Figure out which of your own quality paperbacks that person might trade for it. By the end of the meeting all members should have 2-3 new books. You may not always trade them all, so toss them in a book basket and bring them back a few months down the road!

Quality Paperback Book Club Success!

Your group is following the format for a traditional book club, and having great book club discussions. Maybe you'll even get lucky once or twice and one of your books from the paperback book swap will make the book club reading lists of your group! 

On top of that, you are bargaining for great paperback books at little to no cost! What a great feeling! 

For ideas on obtaining quality paperback books: Your Guide to Finding a Quality Used Paperback Book.

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