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"Just when I thought I had run out, the Real Book Club Queen gave me more great books for kid book clubs!"

As with our family favorite selections, these book picks are all geared towards an EARLY readers book club; however, this classic list covers ages as young as 6 months through 3-4 years old.  Please see our general kids book clubs guidelines for further information.

Recommendations for kid book clubs

Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman. 1960.
Baby Bird falls out of his nest and can't find his mother! But he's determined so he goes on a quest.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. 1964.
A little boy grows from child to adult in this saddening tale of loss, innocence, and the love of a faithful tree.

Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch. 1982.
Bear decides to get the Moon a birthday present! Kids learn about echoes in this fun adventure story.

I'll Always Love You by Paeony Lewis. Illustrated by Penny Ives.  2013.
Alex bear wants to know if his mom will love EVEN if he causes mischief around their home.  His adventures, and momma bear's answers are a lesson to all!

Max & Millie Start School
by Felicity Brooks.  2013
These adorable pre-schoolers are always a crowd pleaser!  In this adventure, Max and Millie try out school for the first time.

Our Best Friends
 by Gyo Fujikawa. 1977.

Mary wishes every night for new friends and her wish comes true! After that she is never lonely again.

by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann.  2006.

Pinkalicious LOVES pink!  She wants everything to be this beautiful color.  When she breaks a cupcake rule, the consequences are truly pinkerrific!

Scuffy The Tugboat
 by Gertrude Crampton. Illustrations by Tibor Gergely. 1946.

Scuffy wants to see the world so when the Man with the Polka Dot Tie puts him in the river he scurries off. But Scuffy quickly learns how dangerous the world can be and realizes he wants to go home.

Thistledown by M. M. Kaye. 1981.
A fairy's head is turned by the wind and she becomes too full of herself. What results is an end to Thistledown's life as she knows it and an explanation for a natural occurrence.

Welcome is a Wonderful Word by Gyo Fujikawa. 1980.
A new little girl moves into Jenny's neighborhood. Jenny and her friends go around collecting old clothes from the neighbors and getting dressed up.

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