Book Club
Meeting Ideas

for your Book Club Review Night

There is no shortage of great book club meeting ideas! These are specifically to plan a successful meeting for your book club review night.  

Once your book club has been together for a a certain amount of time (see book club review), it's fun to 'review' how things are going.  And no, I don't mean with an actual test!!!

All you really need to plan a successful review meeting is your brain and some creative juices. Start thinking of ideas a few months before you decide to do this. You can allot 15-20 minutes of your regular club meetings for brainstorming together in the months prior to your book club review night.

Book Club Idea 1
Bring a copy of each book to the meeting. Go through and create a list (that someone will keep because it will be really fun to look at it at your NEXT book club review night in another year) of the books from best to worst. 

Easy, in theory. The catch? Majority has to agree! This can take hours, but I liken it to a Fantasy Football Draft that the boys are usually wrapped up in, sometimes for days at a time!

Book Club Meeting Ideas 2
Discuss how and when you added new members to the group. The core group, usually four of you, can start. Mention each new addition in order and talk about what they brought to the group. This is a fun way to give warm fuzzies to each other while reminding you of how special your friendships have become!

Book Club Meeting Ideas 3
Reflect on your discussions. What book brought about the best group conversation? The worst? Figure out why and then perhaps choose a new direction for your book club to go in for the upcoming year. Some groups find that they all really enjoyed nonfiction even when they thought they wouldn’'t. This might lead your group to take it to the next level and become a genre club for a year.

Book Club Idea 4
For the really ambitious group, invite another group to join you for this special evening. If you don’'t want to share some of the more personal parts of the book club review night with outsiders, invite the other book club for a short part of your meeting. Talk about what they’'ve been reading, and how their discussions are going. Exchange fun ideas and recipes. It’'s a chance to make new friends and get some great book club ideas!

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What is a book club review night?

In short, it's a planned meeting where you spend time reflecting on your book club.  Now, let's stretch out that explanation...

We call it the 'book club review' because the purpose is to review where you've been as a reading group, and maybe talk a little about where you are going. It's a chance to celebrate your friendships born from a love of reading!

We suggest that you do this once a calendar year as it gives you the opportunity to look at a full book club cycle (or sometimes two!) as part of your review.  The club review can be an extension of your regular meeting (it's fun to plan for a long get-together in December/holiday season!) or it can be a separate meeting where you don't discuss a specific book, but just get together for the purposes of the review night.  It's really up to what your group prefers.  

Once you have made these few decisions, you can choose from the ideas on this page for what to do during the meeting.  Or, you can come up with your own creative way to celebrate your book club!

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