Book Club Activities
for your Club Review Night

It's your book club review night. You'll want to plan ahead so your activities are a natural part of the evening.

Book Club Trivia
Have each member come prepared with two types of questions. The first should be 5 trivia questions from ANY book your group read over the year. Questions can be quotes, characters, plot, setting, etc. 

Q: Who said "I know because I killed one."
A: Arlene, Gods in Alabama

The second should be 3-5 trivia questions based on your group meetings. These are generally tougher but get people really excited!

Q: Which member of our group had to check out Devil in the White City 3 times before finishing it?
A: Queenie D.

Each person should write the questions on an index card, and provide the answer on the back. The only real rule is that if it's your question, you can't answer it!

Book Club Superlatives
At some point in most people's history, they have won a superlative either formally like for the yearbook, or informally like from a group of friends. This is quite possibly the best idea for this night!

Come up with the same amount of superlatives as you have members. This way everybody gets one. You can tailor them to your group, but here are some great examples we've used in the past:

  • Best Recipe at a Meeting
  • Best Book Choice of the Year
  • Best Comment During a Discussion
  • Worst Book Choice of the Year
  • Best Overall Meeting Hosted
  • Best Choice of Book that Everyone Liked (or hated)

You can do this one of two ways. You can either vote ahead of time so that you can prepare the awards, or else do it at the meeting and have the award be something you can fill in. I would go with a really creative, framed certificate with the award typed on it, and a space where you can fill in the winner's name.

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